Aegis Defence Line Part 2

For the second part of my Aegis Defence line project I will be blending the Defence Line and the bases together. For this I’ll be using a few simple tools of the trade and some bits from my bits box.

I have to admit I’ve been pretty pleased with my bits box for this project. I have a number of sets of plastic drawers which I keep stuff in and haven’t looked through in ages, so I had a look through and found a bunch of stuff I’d forgotten I had.


Top left, metal sandbags (a casting experiment I did a number of years ago)

Bottom left, a seletion of modern US military accessories from Tamiya. Includes helmets, ration packs, ammo boxes and a much more.

Middle of shot, a selection of World War 2 accessories from Tamiya. Includes guns, ammo boxes, mines.

Right hand side of shot, a collection of Games Workshop ammo crates, Tamiya barrels and larger crates.

All the Tamiya items are 1/48 scale, which equates to ‘heroic’ 28mm, which is closer to 32mm scale, fairly well so I’m not worried about the disparity in scale.

My intention is to add one or two of these items to each piece of the Defence Line to ensure that they are all unique in some way.

Next thing is to build up the texture on the bases. For this I’m using All Purpose Filler (see Tools of the Trade page) which I applied with a couple of sculpting tools.


The end result looks pretty good on the test piece.

First stage filler

Next stage is to finish the other 6 pieces in the same way and apply the accessories.


Aegis Defence Line Part 1

I bought a couple of Aegis Defence line packs when they first came out and have just got round to doing something with them.

I’ve always been slightly ‘put off’ by the fact that the defense line pieces are pretty lightweight and easy to knock over. I needed something add a little weight to them and make them look like they are proper fortifications (not merely dropped onto a battlefield and left there by the Mechanicus!).

Luckily though I ‘know a man who can’. A couple of friends of mine run and produce laser cut MDF bases.

A quick trip and a cup of tea later and I’m blessed with some custom bases to add the needed weight to the pieces.


The bases have been designed to allow a figure or figures to stand on the base behind the Defence Line and to allow the pieces to ‘butt up’ against each other on the tabletop (the right angled sections on the sides of each base).

Having glued the Defence Line segments to the bases with 2 part epoxy and left it to cure, I’ve then used some simple pebble gravel and railway modelling ballast to get to this point.

20131018_221502 20131018_221516 20131018_221550 20131018_221630

In Part 2 I’ll blend the rocks in with either liquid green stuff or polyfilla to help enforce the idea that the Defence Line has been ‘dug in’.