Cataloging time!

I’ve been through the various boxed sets I already have and obviously had to buy a few additional bits, (wouldn’t be a proper gamer if I didn’t buy some new shiny bits for the project).

My overall ‘look’ for the force isn’t going to be the basic ‘straight out the depot’ Cadian Guard that you see on the Games Workshop website. I want my army to look a little more battle worn and more experienced.

Since I’m also a ‘tread head’ and will be adding tanks later, I’m going to go for a combined heavy brigade feel. Infantry from a number of units who have been combined together, either through attrition or for a special purpose. This will allow me to do what I really enjoy, namely conversions. For anyone not familiar with ‘converting’ miniatures, this simply refers to taking an existing model and modifying it through various means, from the use of simple accessories right up to cutting off and remodelling large portions of the miniature. I’ll be doing both for this army.

As I said in my last post, the army consists of:

  • Company Command Squad
  • Infantry Platoon (Platoon Command Squad with 2 Infantry Squads and a Heavy Weapons squad)
  • Infantry Platoon (Veteran Squad)
  • Fast Attack Squadron (2 Sentinels)

So I need:

  • 2 Command Squads
  • 3 Infantry Squads
  • 3 Heavy Weapon teams
  • 2 Sentinels

The following boxed sets should provide the components I need to start with:

The Games Workshop boxed sets I need to start the army

In addition I need a commanding officer, some snipers and an additional Sentinel:

I’ll be using the Cadian Stormtrooper Sergeant as my commanding officer and converting the Space Marine Scouts squad to be Imperial Guard troopers with carapace armour.

In addition, to achieve the more ‘solid’ look I’m after, I’ll be using a number of the excellent accessory packs available from people like ‘Pig Iron Productions’ and ‘The Scene’.

I’m intending to replace virtually all the heads in my army with the Pig Iron system trooper heads. Most of these have full face plates, which will provide me with a more ‘protected’ look for my troops. The heavy weapon teams will be using the heads with the built in targeters.

For the veterans, the additional backpacks and so on will provide the appearance of a hardened unit used to operating without support for long periods.

So, next steps will be to open the boxes, snip all the components from the sprues and organise who gets what…


For sale update

Finally got round to updating the ‘For Sale’ page

Plenty of interesting items, nice and cheap too.

More to follow soon…

First step…the list!

Had a good look through the various Codex books I own and started on the roster for the army.

Best approach I’ve been recommended is ‘Start small, build small’. Doing a full 2000 point list would just mean a big list, a lot of stuff to buy and a sense of not knowing where to start!

So, simplest thing is to start with a usable 500 point force suitable for small games of 40K.

As with all Warhammer 40K armies, that means the traditional choices from the relevant codex as a minimum requirement:

1 HQ

2 Troops

I’m putting together an Imperial Guard army, so you tend to get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ as while most armies have a ‘one choice means one squad’ approach, the Guard treats entire platoons of men as single choices. Another bonus is that they’re pretty cheap on points (if a little bit fragile on the battlefield).

After a little bit of playing with the points values I think I’ve managed to get a usable force, which fulfills the basic requirements for the army, but also gives me a few extras:

1 HQ

  • Company Command Squad

2 Troops

  • Infantry Platoon
  • Veteran Squad

 1 Fast Attack

  • Sentinel Squadron

The full breakdown with the points is:

Company Command Squad

Company Command Squad 50
Commander Power Weapon 10
Heavy Weapon Team – Lascannon 20
Carapace Armour 20

Infantry Platoon 1

Platoon Command Squad 30
Sniper Rifle 5
Infantry Squad 1 50
Flamer 5
Infantry Squad 1 50
Grenade Launcher 5
Heavy Weapons Squad 60
Autocannon 5
Autocannon 5
Autocannon 5

Veteran Squad

Veteran Squad 70
Sergeant Power Fist 15
Flamer 5
Melta Gun 10

Fast Attack

Sentinel Squadron Scout Sentinel 35
Autocannon 5
Scout Sentinel 35
Autocannon 5

Grand total – 500 points

Next step, work out which models I want to use to represent the units.

So what’s this for then?

I’ve been a wargamer for many (many!) years, but I have yet to complete a full army for many reasons.

After a semi-enforced break from gaming, I’ve decided that now is the time to get back into it.

My intention is to use this blog to set some goals, track my progress and hopefully show what I can produce to other gamers.

I already have a large amount of Warhammer 40K stuff, but decided that in the spirit of this blog, a fresh start was needed.

So, having armed myself with a copy of the new 40K rulebook…

Warhammer 40K Rulebook

Warhammer 40K Rulebook

… a copy of the Imperial Guard Codex…

Imperial Guard Codex

Imperial Guard Codex

… and the fact that I’ve always been a bit of a ‘treadhead’, I sat down to produce an army list…