First step…the list!

Had a good look through the various Codex books I own and started on the roster for the army.

Best approach I’ve been recommended is ‘Start small, build small’. Doing a full 2000 point list would just mean a big list, a lot of stuff to buy and a sense of not knowing where to start!

So, simplest thing is to start with a usable 500 point force suitable for small games of 40K.

As with all Warhammer 40K armies, that means the traditional choices from the relevant codex as a minimum requirement:

1 HQ

2 Troops

I’m putting together an Imperial Guard army, so you tend to get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ as while most armies have a ‘one choice means one squad’ approach, the Guard treats entire platoons of men as single choices. Another bonus is that they’re pretty cheap on points (if a little bit fragile on the battlefield).

After a little bit of playing with the points values I think I’ve managed to get a usable force, which fulfills the basic requirements for the army, but also gives me a few extras:

1 HQ

  • Company Command Squad

2 Troops

  • Infantry Platoon
  • Veteran Squad

 1 Fast Attack

  • Sentinel Squadron

The full breakdown with the points is:

Company Command Squad

Company Command Squad 50
Commander Power Weapon 10
Heavy Weapon Team – Lascannon 20
Carapace Armour 20

Infantry Platoon 1

Platoon Command Squad 30
Sniper Rifle 5
Infantry Squad 1 50
Flamer 5
Infantry Squad 1 50
Grenade Launcher 5
Heavy Weapons Squad 60
Autocannon 5
Autocannon 5
Autocannon 5

Veteran Squad

Veteran Squad 70
Sergeant Power Fist 15
Flamer 5
Melta Gun 10

Fast Attack

Sentinel Squadron Scout Sentinel 35
Autocannon 5
Scout Sentinel 35
Autocannon 5

Grand total – 500 points

Next step, work out which models I want to use to represent the units.


One response to “First step…the list!

  1. I seriously wish I could do ‘start small, build small’. I have a 3000 point Deathwing army that needs to be painted and I’ve only played one game with them.

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